4G INTELLIGENT CAMERA | For all horse owners (in private stable, at home, in pasture), breeders, competitors of all levels, stable managers...
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icone santé - clair

• Anticipate health problems

• Keep an eye on your convalescent horse

• Detect and track your foaling


icone sécurité - clair

• Follow your horse in all environments

• Reduce the risk of malicious acts

• Detect runaways and intruders


icone performance - clair

• Detect changes in habits

• Optimize recovery

• Improve your performance

Coho 4G Camera

> Wired (stable kit + transformer required)
or on battery(nomadic kit or trailer kit needed)
> Choose the features that suit you best with Coho subscriptions (mandatory)

• Well-being monitoring and customizable horse health alerts
• Photos and videos on demand, day and night
• Stall/shelter temperature
• Stall opening/closing
• Timelapse of the horse
• Coho Live – live monitoring


At the stable

In competition

In the meadow

For transportation

A complete personalized follow-up


• Photos & videos on demand, live tracking
• Stall temperature
• Foaling monitoring


• Runaway alert
• Detection of human presence
• Alerts on unusual behavior


• Analyse your horse behavior • Detect a change in their habits • Optimise the recovery

All alerts are fully customizable

Get personalized advice for FREE

During the opening hours of our sales department, an advisor will call you as soon as possible. You’ll be able to find out directly which Coho offer best suits your needs.

How does it work?


✅ European SIM card included
✅ Timelapse (1 photo/min)
✅ Coho Live (1h)
✅ Trailer mode
✅ Photos and videos on demand
✅ Stall temperature
✅ Stall door open/close alerts

The essential to keep an eye on your horse


✅ European SIM card included
✅ Timelapse (1 photo/min)
✅ Coho Live (2h30)
✅ Trailer mode
✅ Stall temperature

✅ Stall door open/close alerts
✅ Posture detection
✅ Behavioral statistics
✅ Horse activity and alerts

Benefit from the advantages of AI monitoring


European SIM card included
✅ Timelapse(1 photo/30s)
Coho Live(5h)
✅ Trailer mode
✅ Stall temperature
✅ Stall door open/close alerts
✅ Posture detection
✅ Behavioral statistics
✅ Horse activity and alerts
✅ HD image
✅ Sharing of the horse

Greater precision and optimal image quality

They trust us...


average user rating

Very happy with my camera, we use it for foaling, perfect for... Voir plus

Sohane D.

Amateur breeder, dressage and show jumping rider, influencer
I've been using Coho only on battery for 1 month now. A wonderful invention that allows you to... See more

Solenn D.

Information about your horse available at any time. I find it really useful and... See more

Sylvie P.

Really super, the sales staff are extra, firstly before the purchase, they advise and guide us really well. And also afterwards... See more

Elisa H.

Amateur showjumping rider
I'm really happy with our Coho camera. It's so handy, it lets me... See more


Liza, influencer and dressage rider
I'm delighted with this camera. The image is of good quality, day and night. Statistics are very useful. The... See more
cavalière à l'arrêt sur un cheval gris clair très attentif

Aurélie V.

They talk about us...

“Isère: Coho, a connected camera and AI to monitor horses”

“TEST: We particularly enjoyed seeing the rhythm of our horse at night, it’s exciting!”

“Coho: artificial intelligence for equine health, safety and performance”

“Animalinks, the start-up that connects rider and horse via 4G”

“Coho analyzes horse behavior”

A scientific and veterinary approach

Coho is developed by a team of equestrian enthusiasts who work in collaboration with research institutes and veterinarians, with a strong scientific approach. We develop Coho using state-of-the-art knowledge of horse behavior, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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