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Our story

I imagined Coho in 2017. I wanted to offer a solution to riders allowing them to have access to their horses, so that they can ensure their well-being and good health wherever they are and at any time.

After several months of maturation, we join the SATT Linksium incubator and the TARMAC business incubator. The Animalinks company was created in February 2018 in Grenoble.
We launched an in-depth market study in order to clearly identify the precise expectations of riders. In parallel, an important period of R&D and several technological pivots allow us to converge towards the expectations of our future customers while solving the technical constraints imposed by the environment of use (simplified installation, nomadic box, etc.).

This led us at the end of 2019 to offer Coho in the form of Early Access, so that the first pilot customers could appropriate our solution under real conditions of use. We then get our first concrete and very positive feedback from the field. The enthusiasm of these users then led us to propose a complete offer to our customers from the beginning of 2020. At the same time, we have started the development of Artificial Intelligence in order to offer new functionalities based on the analysis of the behavior of the horse in the box. The first results already allow us to propose a first version of these functionalities. These developments will now evolve into comprehensive analyzes to improve the well-being of the horse and the implementation of health alerts in partnership with research organizations.

Sebastien Dubois, founder of Coho
“Horserider and Electronic Engineer”

Coho cheval box écurie
The Coho Team
Coho Sébastien Dubois Président
Sébastien Dubois
President - Cofounder
Coho Marine Roudaud Veterinaire
Marine Roudaud
Scientific Advisor - Cofounder
Coho Azat Aleksanyan AI IA
Azat Aleksanyan
AI Developer
Coho Amelie Giroud Commerciale
Amélie Giroud
Business Developer
Coho Guy Dubois
Guy Dubois
Technical and Strategy Advisor
Elise Annereau
Anthony Bette
IOs and Android Developer
Cassandre Bassoli

They trust us and participate in the development of Coho

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