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To have a Coho system up and running, you need:

→ 1 Camera per horse
→ 1 Subscription per camera
→ 1 mounting minimum per Camera (Stable Kit or Portable Kit or Van Kit)
→ 1 Transformer required with the Stable Kit (1 to 5 Stable Kits per transformer)

Coho Camera

Coho 4G Camera


wired (stable kit + transformer required) or battery-powered (nomad kit or van required)
Choose the features that suit you best with Coho subscriptions (mandatory)

• Well-being monitoring and customizable horse health alerts
• Photos and videos on demand, day and night
• Stall/shelter temperature
• Stall opening/closing
• Timelapse of the horse
• Coho Live – live monitoring

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The camera collects, analyzes and sends you all the information about your horse.
It includes a camera, various sensors, image processing by artificial intelligence and 4G connection.
It attaches and removes very easily so you can take it everywhere with you.

Made in Groningen (NL) using 3D printing.


Choose the fixation that meets the better you needs.
Choose the stable kit for a fixed wired use (stable), and the nomadic kit for a use on battery (competition, meadow shelter) and the Van kit for transport.

Minimum 1 stable kit or nomad kit or van kit per camera.
1 Transformer required with the Stable Kit (1 to 5 Stable Kits per transformer)


The door sensor is optional.
It is necessary if you want to receive notifications when opening/closing the box door.

Our tip:
You go to shows? Buy 2 sensors!
One sensor fixed to the stable, and the other to accompany you in your movements!

Crédit Live
Already a Coho customer? You've used up your monthly Live credit and want to buy some more? This is where it all happens!

You should install Coho in your barn only with the agreement of the manager.Do not hesitate to propose him/her to create his/her own Coho account to also keep an eye on your horse (for free) ! 🙂

To be able to run, Coho camera requires a 3G/4G Orange coverage or Orange roaming.

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