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The nomadic kit allows the Coho camera to be used on battery. Very useful in competitions, or in a shelter in the meadow!

Attention : the batteries are not included. We recommend a battery with a USB-A port (classic), a voltage of 5V, and a capacity of more than 20 000 mAh

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The camera is fixed to the nomadic support thanks to a system of very strong scratchs.

The battery life is between 24 and 30 hours. It is therefore important to change it every day (provide two batteries to make a rotation).

The nomadic kit contains:

  • 1 x nomadic camera support
  • 1 x door sign(legal obligation)
  • 1 x USB A male to male cable 30 cm
  • 10 x 304 mm clamps*
  • 5 x double-sided tape (to fix the sign)

* The clamps and double-sided tape initially supplied are sufficient for one or two uses. For future use, it is the rider’s responsibility to re-supply these items (easily available in supermarkets).

Installation tips: Start by fixing the support in a corner of the stall with the clamps; several slots are provided in the support for this purpose. Then connect the power cable to the camera, then fix the camera on the scratchs (note the characteristic “clac” indicating you that the camera is well fixed) by making pass the cable in the hole envisaged for this purpose. Turn on your battery, connect it to the cable, and slide it into the large slot in the support.

Tip: If you can’t mount the camera at an angle, and want to mount it on a flat surface, simply unscrew the triangular parts at the back of the support.

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