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Configure your Coho solution according to your needs:

Coho camera (149,90€ TTC – 124,92€ HT) designed and manufactured in France, it is the heart of the Coho system! It is she who collects, analyzes and sends you all the information about your horse. It includes a camera, various sensors, image processing by artificial intelligence and 4G connection. It attaches and removes very easily so you can take it everywhere with you. In order to operate your camera, you must associate it with a nomad kit or a transformer + stable fixing kit.

Door sensor (9,90€ TTC – 8,25€ HT) is fixed on the door of the box either by screwing it or with a double face adhesive and allows to detect the door openings. For simplicity, up to two door sensors can be paired on the same camera so you can have one on your stable and take one with you when you travel.

Transformer(19,90€ TTC – 16,59€ HT)allows to supply electricity to Coho cameras thanks to a simple electrical plug. A single transformer can power up to 5 cameras. If you are several people in a stable using Coho cameras, do not hesitate to group together to order only one, it will be good for the planet and for your savings!

Stable kit (19,90€ TTC – 16,59€ HT) at the stable includes all the material to fix the camera support to the wall of your stall. It also contains the cables to go from the transformer to your camera.

Nomadic kit(24,90€ TTC – 20,75€ HT)designed to be used with the battery-operated Coho camera in the stable, in removable boxes or when used in a meadow/paddock shelter. It includes among other things a housing for the battery (type external battery of cell phone – not included) and the cable to connect it to the camera. It is easily installed with cable ties for easy movement. We recommend using “Power Bank” type batteries of at least 20,000 mAh. This type of battery allows you to use your camera for more than 24 hours.

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