Horse monitoring with the Coho connected camera

Follow his well-being and be alerted in case of problems

After two years of research and several hundred thousand images analyzed, we have developed a unique algorithm to allow you to follow the behavior of your horse in the box.

What are his habits? Is he calm? Restless? Has his behavior changed in recent days? Find out how your horse’s day is going and anticipate health problems by being alerted by changes in behavior.

Keep your horse close to you.

We would all like to be able to spend more time with our horse, but between work, obligations and all the activities of daily life, these moments are too often counted.

That’s why we developed Coho. Thanks to Coho, via your smartphone, you can keep in touch with your horse. Throughout the day you can follow his behavior and what is happening in the stable, wherever you are.

Get to know him better

Knowing your equestrian partner like the back of your hand is the basis of the relationship you build with your horse.

Take advantage of the opportunity to observe its behavior when you are not around. Thanks to the timelapse, you will be able to see him evolve in his box day and night and discover him like no one before you by having access to times when he is usually alone, such as at night.

The Coho technology

A complete personalized follow-up

Coho Application suivi cheval

Your subscription

Starting from

per month (including VAT)

  • Including the SIM card and its subscription, data storage on our servers, 4G connection, access to the mobile application.

I want my Coho Camera !

The camera and optional accessories:

Coho Camera
149,90 €

Kit for nomadic use
(battery not included)
24,90 €

Transformer for the stable
19,90 €

Kit for fixing the camera in your stable
19,90 €

Door sensor
9,90 €

Products Description:

The Camera

The Coho camera, designed and manufactured in France is the heart of the Coho system. It includes a camera, various sensors, image processing by artificial intelligence and finally a 4G connection that sends you all the information about your horse. It attaches and removes very easily so you can take it everywhere with you.

Kit for nomadic use

The kit for on-the-go use has been designed to be used with the Coho camera either in removable boxes or when used in a meadow/paddock shelter. It is simply fixed with cable ties to be able to move it easily. It also includes a slot for the battery (external mobile phone battery type – not included) and the cable to connect it to the camera.

Transformer for the stable

It allows you to power up to 5 cameras thanks to a simple electrical outlet during wired use in the stable. If you are several people in a stable using Coho cameras, do not hesitate to group together to order only one, it will be good for the planet and for your savings!

Kit for fixing the camera to the stable

The kit for fixing the camera to the stable includes all the material to fix the camera support to the wall as well as 15m of cable to go from the transformer to the camera.


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